Sunday, 20. January 2019
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They day will start with a delicious breakfast in morning time.

After that we will continue our cruise for a few hours and sail if the wind allows.

If the past night was too short for you, you might want to relax during the voyage. A sun awning provides shade and there is ample space for everyone on the cushioned sun deck.

Closer to lunch, we approach the land and drop anchor in a solitary bay, alongside a small village or off an island.

After lunch there is enough time to swim, fish or snorkel in the clean turquoise water of the bay.

Maybe you prefer sunbathing or just sitting under the shade of the sun awning reading a book. The accent during your stay is on recreation and relaxation!

Depending on our actual position you can also go paragliding, jet skiing or trekking in the wild nature, visiting a nearby village and coming closer to the native people and their traditions or visiting one of the numerous ancient sites. Here, in the midst of the idyll, you can feel the touch of nature and history.

Whether on land or sea the scenery is spectacular and really impressing. The Mediterranean and Aegean areas are still surprisingly unspoilt.

We will continue our voyage and drop anchor in another nice bay in the afternoon.

This will be our moorings for tonight.

After dinner you can decide what you want to do for the rest of the day.

There are a lot of opportunities how to spend the evening time. (sitting on the aft deck chatting and having a glass of wine, making a beach fire, or going ashore visiting some Turkish bar, …)


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